Aims and Ethos

The Mission Statement for Hazlewood School is “Working Together to Achieve Success for All.”

The aims below were written by staff and pupils and are updated regularly. They reflect the ethos and the mission statement of the School.

Hazlewood School Aims

  1. We aim to provide the best possible learning environment for all pupils and promote lifelong learning.
  2. We aim to engage the whole school community in the life and work of the school.
  3. We aim to develop leadership capacities throughout the school for all staff and pupils.
  4. We aim to work with parents, partners and other agencies to the benefit of our pupils in learning and teaching and their life in school.
  5. We welcome challenge and aim to develop a reflective community where all staff and pupils are valued and engaged in the decision-making processes of the school.
  6. We aim to promote well-being and respect for others where pupils and school staff are proud of their involvement in the school and staff and pupils are supported in the development of healthy attitudes and behaviours.
  7. We aim to develop a culture of ambition where every pupil can be the best they can be.